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Adorn your Life with Fun

We believes in developing the next generation of leaders. Our programs help younger leaders build leadership skills, expand education and learn the value of service.

Cultural Event

Offering an insight to the jaw-dropping traditions; warmth giving festivals; vivacious fairs; unheard rituals; and a large number of events, India is a travel destination


Plus Circle Badminton Tournament 1. Tournament is only for corporate players. 2. Yonex AS2 feather shuttles will be used for all the matches.


Being a virtual event, you are free to run wherever you want, whenever you want without being bound by any time restrictions. No matter whether you walk, run, skip

Street Entertainment

One of the most popular street entertainment of Goa and one of the oldest. Situated in North Goa, in the Baga Beach area, which consists of a variety of clubs

Night Clubs

One of the best night clubs in Bangalore, We are known for vibrant, quirky ambience. The long benches, round tables, soft lighting will surely give you fantasy feels.

Get Together

There are more than 108,000 get-togethers happening across the country — from street parties and Big Lunches to BBQs, games of football and bake offs.